Packages: Products, Plans, and Pricing

We offer several Packages at Uglesoft to fit your business needs. View them below:

How this works

Uglesoft offers custom Web Solutions to small businesses. To get started, reach out to us and we'll schedule a meeting to discuss the details of the project you have in mind. If you choose to signup before reaching out, we'll contact you to arrange the meeting. During this meeting we'll outline exactly what you want out of your website and when you want it by. If the project is a good fit for both of us, we'll develop a prototype to showcase and arrange payment (if you haven't done so already).

Our business model is somewhat unconventional. Some of our competitors offer quotes based on the project goals, and charge the majority of their fee up front for the initial product. Unlike our competitors, there is no upfront cost other than the monthly fee. There is no additional signup fee, just the monthly payment. Uglesoft develops, deploys, and maintains your website as a service. This means that you signup with us, tell us what you want in detail, and we take care of the rest.

Another aspect of our service that makes us stand out is the inclusion of future project modifications. If you have a website with Uglesoft, you can request that changes to your project be made at any time. This allows you to get a website started without the complete design in mind, adding new pages and features as time goes on. This also works well for those that want to adjust based on user feedback over time.

Bottom line, you aren't buying a website when you sign up with Uglesoft; you are partnering with a custom website service. You could think about it like having a part time developer on staff, except without having to worry about the complications of payroll.

Technical Information

Uglesoft utilizes a SEEN stack for our websites; SQLite, Express, EJS, and NodeJS. We partner with InMotion for deployment and domain services, and store all project source code on private GitHub repositories. Our frontend resources (Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, FontAwesome) assist in a wide variety of features, including responsive design. Our websites are compatible with a wide range of devices, from mobile to high resolution desktops. Our webpages are tested at multiple common resolutions between 320 pixels (a small cell phone) and 2560 pixels (a 4k monitor).

If you'd like to request an exception to the above pipeline, feel free to make a custom request via telephone or email and we'll discuss if it can be accommodated.

Small note, because we offer websites as a service, clients are never privy to the website source code. If you would rather hire Uglesoft to make a completed website and deliver it to you for your own purposes, that would be a quoted job that depends highly on the project requirements. Contact us to arrange a meeting if this is something that interests you.

Package Terms

The Package Terms are very simple and forthright. Once you signup, the project begins development. You are guaranteed to have a functional Static Website with at least three pages (unless you request fewer) up before your next billing cycle or your first month is free, and the Web Application features (should you have the Premium plan) will be integrated as quickly as they can be developed.

You can cancel your Package at any time and receive a full refund for all websites that have not yet gone live. The websites you receive a refund for will not go live unless you rejoin. When you cancel your Package, if your website is currently live then it will continue to remain live until your bill date, unless you request otherwise.

Domain transfers are also available upon initial signup and cancellation should that be desired.

Switching Packages

The process for switching Packages is very simple. You can upgrade or downgrade your Package at any time for any reason. When you upgrade, the new Package will be used for the next billing cycle, and the requested product features will begin development and deployment after the bill date. It is highly recommended that you schedule a meeting to discuss planned features prior to upgrading your Package.

Downgrading your Package is also very easy. Should you wish to downgrade your service, your selected Package will go into effect on the next billing cycle. You will retain your current Package up until that point.

If you have additional questions regarding this or any other policy, please reach out via telephone or email.

The best part about Uglesoft's Packages is that you can get started with a Web Application, get it live and tweak it to perfection, and downgrade your Package to Web Maintenance once there are no more changes that need to be made. Our Advanced and Premium Packages are centered around an agile and iterative development cycle, and you can downgrade to save once the project no longer requires that approach. If you do downgrade and later on decide you want to make additional changes, you can upgrade your Package and request those changes with no penalties. Our service is extremely flexible and keeps your business needs at the forefront.

Basic: Web Maintenance

Package details

Uglesoft's Web Maintenance Package includes deployment and maintenance of an existing website. This Package is best for businesses that already have a website. If your website recently went offline and you can't figure out why, or you have a website ready to go but don't know how to get it online, this might be the right Package for you.

This Package does not include the development of a new or existing website, only deployment and maintenance of an existing website. This Package can be downgraded to once a Static Website or Web Application have been completed though. See Switching Packages above for more information.

Advanced: Static Website

Package details

Uglesoft's Static Website Package includes development, deployment, and maintenance of a Static Website. This Package is best for businesses that are looking for an online presence that displays contact information, business hours, product showcases, location maps, and other details about the business.

If you want customers to be able to find you online and learn more about your business, this might be the right Package for you.

Premium: Web Application

Package details

Uglesoft's Web Application Package includes development, deployment, and maintenance of a Web Application. Unlike a Static Website, a Web Application contains a variety of complex interactive features. Features can include login systems, online sales, integrated messaging, inventory tracking, and a myriad of other possibilities.

With this Package, we'll work together to define exactly what you need your website to offer. Your Web Application will be built from the ground up to suit your needs. If you are looking for an all in one interactive web solution, this might be the right Package for you.